RUD - matic Soft Spike Snow Chains

RUD-matic Soft Spike Snow ChainsRUD-matic Soft Spike - provides perfect, instant protection against skidding when winter weather conditions, such as black ice or a fresh fall of slippery snow, occur unexpectedly.

High-tech, textile tyre sock, that can be fitted quickly and easily to the drive wheels, so you can continue your journey in safety.

A stable belt of metal-wrapped textile fibres guarantees a reliable grip. The textile fibres provide the necessary number of gripping points on snow and the metal spikes provide the required number of gripping points on ice.

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  • The extremely grippy, patented ferrofil? technology immediately protects cars against skidding
  • Combines the advantages of textile and metal
  • Ensures optimal traction and braking power on black ice and slippery, snow-covered roads
  • The crease-free running surface increases the resistance to wear
  • The Velcro fastening simplifies mounting and gives a perfect fit
  • Practical tongues make mounting and dismounting easy
  • Space-saving and lightweight (lower fuel consumption!)
  • Supports modern electronic systems such as ABS and ESP
  • A comfortable ride - quiet and vibration-free
  • Easy to fit, even where clearances are low
  • No risk of damaging light alloy rims
  • Fits all standard types of cars and tyre sizes -even those with minimal clearance in the wheel arch
  • Easy to care for - simply hand wash
  • Carry bag and gloves for fitting provided
  • Certified by T?V (German Technical Inspection Authority) and Austrian standard V 5121