Roof Boxes & Ski Boxes FAQ

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Here are some of the most common questions customers have asked us about Hapro, Karrite and Thule roof boxes and ski boxes over the years. If you don’t find what you are looking for, our knowledgeable customer service agents are always happy to help.

How do I make sure that my roof box is large enough?

Lay your largest items on the ground and draw a chalk outline around them. As long as your roof box is longer and wider than the outline, you’ll be fine!

How big a roof box can I install?

Check your vehicle handbook to find out how much weight you can carry. Keep in mind that putting a large roof box on a small car can cause problems in cross-winds.

What else do I need?

To attach Hapro, Karrite or Thule roof boxes, you will need Fabbri or Thule roof bars.

How do I find the right roof bars?

Autow makes this easy! To see the Fabbri or Thule roof bars that fit your vehicle, just click here and select your vehicle’s make, model and year.

What is the difference between roof rails and Thule or Fabbri roof bars?

Roof rails are pre-installed in the factory, and run from front to back. Thule or Fabbri roof bars run from side-to-side, and are typically fitted after you buy your vehicle.

My vehicle has roof rails. Do I need Thule or Fabbri roof bars?

Yes, you still need Thule or Fabbri roof bars. You can tie loads to you roof rails, but you can’t attach a roof box to them.

How do I make sure that my roof box fits my roof bars?

Generally, all roof boxes fit Thule roof bars. If you are concerned, check the width or talk with one of our helpful customer service agents.

Will my roof box stop me from opening my tailgate?

This could happen if your roof box is too long. Cut a strip of wood to the same length as the roof box, lay it on your roof and open the tailgate. If the wood doesn’t touch the tailgate, you won’t have a problem.

I want to carry two bicycles and a roof box on my roof. Can I do this?

Our customers do this all the time! Just make sure you buy a narrower roof box.

My vehicle has pre-installed roof bars, but they are slightly arched. Can I still fit a roof box?

This should not be a problem, but you may need to use wedges to fill the gaps between the roof bars and roof box.

My vehicle has pre-installed roof bars, but they are not adjustable. Will a roof box still fit?

This should be fine. If you are worried, Hapro ProBox roof boxes can be adjusted to fit any rack!

Does a roof box increase fuel consumption?

Roof boxes can increase fuel consumption between 5% and 15%, so choosing an aerodynamic roof box can be an economical choice. For a great way of removing and storing your roof box, take a look at the Thule BoxLift.