Roof Racks, Roof Bars & Cycle Carriers FAQ

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Have a question about roof racks, roof bars or cycle racks? If you don’t find the answer you are looking for below, just give one of our friendly customer service agents a call. We have been helping our customers make the right decisions since 1980!

What is the difference between roof rails and Thule roof bars?

Roof rails are pre-installed in the factory, and run from front to back. Fabbri and Thule roof bars run from side-to-side, and are usually installed after you buy your vehicle.

If I change my vehicle, can I re-use my roof rack?

With a Thule Rapid roof rack, yes you can! You will just need to buy a new fitting kit.

Why should I buy a Thule roof rack rather than a manufacturer’s roof rack?

Thule roof racks are an excellent investment! You get a high quality roof rack at a great price, and there is a huge range of custom accessories. And, unlike a manufacturer’s roof rack, with Thule roof racks you only need a new fitting kit if you change vehicles.

I already have roof rails. Can I fit a luggage deck without fitting roof bars?

No, you will need to fit roof bars.

I want to fit a ski or snowboard carrier. Do I need roof bars?

Yes, you will need to fit roof bars.

Is it difficult to fit roof bars?

Many of our customers fit roof bars themselves by following the instructions. If you are having problems, just give us a call!

I have an imported Japanese vehicle. Will UK style roof bars fit?

Roof styles can vary a lot on imported vehicles, and we have seen problems with some roof bars. If you bring your vehicle to our warehouse, we will be happy to help!

I would like to fit roof rails. Do you supply these?

Most roof rails can only be installed when your vehicle is manufactured, as they need internal roof mounts. Our roof bars can be fitted easily, and offer a lot more flexibility!

How do I decide what type of bike carrier is best for me?

Bicycle roof racks are a popular choice! Just install a roof-mounted bike carrier on your roof rack. If you want to carry your bike behind your vehicle, you can fit either a standalone or towbar-mounted bike carrier.

Do you have any advice about buying a rear-mounted bike rack?

Our customers tell us that berthed wheel cycle racks are more convenient, more secure and offer lots more protection. However, they do cost a bit more than a suspended style bike rack.

My bike rack partially obscures my rear lights. Is this legal?

Your number plate and lights must be clearly visible at all times. If you have this problem, try fitting a separate light board. You’ll be legal and safer as well!

Can I fit a rear-mounted bike carrier to my hatchback if it has a spoiler?

A spoiler will make it very difficult to suspend the carrier from the tailgate, and the tensioning straps can damage the spoiler. Use a roof-mounted carrier instead.

Can I fit a Fabbri rear wheel mounted bike rack or ski carrier over my spare wheel cover?

No, you will have to remove the wheel cover and fit the carrier directly on the wheel. It’s also really important to inflate the tyre properly.

I tow a caravan fitted with an Al-Ko stabilizer. Will this cause problems if I install a towbar-mounted MaxxRaxx cycle carrier?

Yes it will, but we have the solution! Just install a MaxxRaxx Al-Ko foot.

No matter how much I tighten it, my cycle carrier keeps tilting back on my towball. How can I fix this?

This is due to road vibrations, but a MaxxRaxx Auxiliary Strap will cure the problem! One end of this strap goes inside your car boot, and the other end hooks onto your cycle carrier. Simply tension the strap to prevent the cycle carrier from tilting back.