Roof Racks & Bars

Wondering how easy it is to install roof bars or a roof rack? What is the difference between a rooftop rack and roof rails? Check out the answers!


What is the difference between roof rails and roof bars?

Roof rails are pre-installed in the factory, and run from front to back. Fabbri roof bars run from side-to-side, and are usually installed after you buy your vehicle.

I already have roof rails. Can I fit a luggage deck without fitting roof bars?

No, you will need to fit roof bars.

I want to fit a ski or snowboard carrier. Do I need roof bars?

Yes, you will need to fit roof bars.

Is it difficult to fit roof bars?

Many of our customers fit roof bars themselves by following the instructions. If you are having problems, just give us a call!

I have an imported Japanese vehicle. Will UK style roof bars fit?

Roof styles can vary a lot on imported vehicles, and we have seen problems with some roof bars. If you bring your vehicle to our warehouse, we will be happy to help!

I would like to fit roof rails. Do you supply these?

Most roof rails can only be installed when your vehicle is manufactured, as they need internal roof mounts. Our roof bars can be fitted easily, and offer a lot more flexibility!


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