Trailer Parts - Trailer Winches

Autow Warehouse for Trailer & Boat Winches, Winch Cables, Winch Straps & Winch Spares

Manual winches 600lbs - 3500lbs capacity. Suitable for flat straps & steel cables with hook.
Manual winches 800lbs - 1400lbs capacity, complete with 7m strap & hook. Ideal for boat trailers etc…
Worm Gear Winches for lifting or lowering. Ideal for Curtains & Screens etc…
Rope Hoist 1000lbs capacity. Ideal for removing an engine etc…
Autow 1000kg. - 1500kg. Hand-Puller Winches. Ideal for all pulling applications.
3mm - 6mm diameter winch cables with hook. 7.5m and 15mm lengths.
50mm wide winch straps with hook, 6m, 8m and 10m lengths.
Spare winch handles for winches.
Range of manual winches from 800lbs to 1400lbs. Suitable for cable only (sold separately)
Range of manual winches from 800lbs to 1400lbs. Supplied c/w 7m flat strap & snap hook