Trailer Parts & Spares

Does your trailer need repairing? Looking for spare parts for campers? Don’t know what to buy? We have been on the "trail" for answers to your most frequent questions!

Do you supply trailer mudguard brackets?

Yes. If you are fitting black plastic mudguards to a boat trailer, car trailer or any other type of trailer, you may not need brackets. In other cases, our brackets could be right for you.

I have a used Mini hub. Do you sell suspensions with stubs for this?

No. The reason for this is simple: a new trailer hub costs less than replacement Mini bearings!

I have bought a new suspension unit and taper bearing hub. How do I install these?

You will need to fit the hub to the suspension unit using the supplied washer and castle nut. Tighten the nut with a spanner to clean the threads, and then slacken it off. Tighten it again with your fingers, loosen it one castellation and fit the split pin. Once the wheel is fitted, there should still be some play.

Do you supply spare wheel brackets for trailers and campers?

We have a wide range of trailers parts and a small range of spare wheel brackets. There are so many different trailer configurations that you may need to get these fabricated.

When you do attach a wheel bracket, it is a good idea to do this with hub studs and nuts to avoid damaging the wheel nut seats.

I want to build a trailer. Do you sell plans for trailers or campers?

We don’t sell plans at this time, but we do have a great range of trailer parts for sale

What do RHS and SHS mean?

Steel box beams are hollow in the middle, and can either be square or rectangular. RHS stands for “Rectangular Hollow Section”, and SHS stands for “Square Hollow Section”.