Manual, Electric & Hydraulic Winches FAQ

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Customers have asked us all sorts of questions about winches since 1980! If you a winch or pulley question, take a look below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, ask one of our friendly customer service agents!

How much will it cost me to have my winch delivered?

We offer free shipping* to most of mainland UK on orders over £55.

I want to pull my caravan up a steep slope at the back of my house. How should I mount the winch?

To hoist a caravan uphill, mount your winch on a concrete base which is at least twice as heavy as the caravan; your garage floor would be ideal. Mount electric winches on a 100mm RHS post with support braces and, if possible, bolt to a wall.

I want to pull my boat trailer up a steep slipway while staying away from the water. What is the least risky way of doing this?

Park your car at the top of the slipway, fit a winch onto a trailer ball mount and slip the mount over your towball. This way, you can hoist your boat trailer up the slipway without your car going near the water.

Should I fit a flat strap or cable to my winch?

Flat straps wind in neatly, and the nylon is safer. On the other hand, a flat strap will fill the winch drum more quickly than a cable, and you will not be able to use a directional pulley.

Can I use a winch to pull a wheelchair up a short ramp and into my MPV?

None of our manual, hydraulic or electric winches are approved for moving humans or animals.