Trailer & Caravan Couplings

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  • Trailer Brake Cable Mounting Plate: 4 Hole

    Cable mounting plate for 4 Bowden cables on twin axle trailer.

    Ref: BP30
    Brand: Knott-Avonride
  • Knott-Avonride- Compensator / Equaliser Bar Kit

    Cable Mounting kit for 2 Bowden cables on single axle trailer. Includes dished washers, nuts and 3 hole plate.

    15mm centre hole

    10mm cable holes

    Ref: BP31
    Brand: Knott-Avonride
  • Trailer Compensating Bar: Double - 4-way

    Double compensating bar for Bowden cable brakes

    Ref: BP29
    Brand: Peak Trailers
  • Trailer Brake Cable: Bulldog Grip

    Galvanized bull dog grip for 3mm & 4mm brake cable

    Ref: BP01
    Brand: Albert Jagger
  • Trailer Brake Cable: 3mm

    Galvanised steel multistrand brake cable 3mm dia. per metre.

    Ref: BP03
    Brand: Autow
  • Trailer Brake Cable: 4mm

    Galvanised steel multistrand brake cable 4mm dia. per metre.

    Ref: BP04
    Brand: Autow
  • Trailer Barke Clevis: 8mm

    Clevis for 8mm brake rod & bowden cables.

    Ref: BP27
    Brand: Knott-Avonride
  • Trailer Brake Clevis:10mm

    Clevis for 10mm brake rod.

    Ref: BP26
    Brand: Knott-Avonride
  • Trailer Brake Rod: 10' - M10 Thread

    M10 Threaded brake rod for Knott couplings. Two 5ft lengths with long nut and plain nuts.

    Ref: PCS01
    Brand: Peak Trailers
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