Rubber Suspension Trailer Axle - Braked 1300 kg 200 x 50 Brakes

Full beam rubber suspension trailer axle with solid steel arms, Knott 200x50 auto-reverse brakes, cast steel brake drums, to suit centre nave or dished wheels (if using own wheels pleased check bore size compatible), bowden brake cables included.

PCD: 4x100mm, 4x5½", 5x120mm, 5x140mm, 5x6" & 5x6½"

Capacity 1300kg per axle.

NB: Heavy/bulky item therefore a carriage charge will apply (see shipping page)

  • Ref No: RA13B200A
  • Brand: Peak Trailers
  • Delivery: World Wide
  • Unit of sale: each
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Rubber Suspension Trailer Axle - Braked 1300 kg 200 x 50 Brakes

Product Feature List

  • Full beam axle
  • Rubber suspension
  • Solid steel arms
  • 203x40 auto-reverse brakes
  • Cast steel brake drums
  • Brake cables included

Additional Product Info

Full-Beam Suspension Axles are extremely robust, easy to fit, yet very effective assemblies. Based on high density rubber inserts, which progressively compress as the load increases, both arms are independent giving a smooth controlled ride on most surfaces.

A long and maintenance free working life is assured with them available in black primer finish as standard, or galvanized at a small additional cost. Galvanised is ideal for boat trailer axles etc., as this quality finishing proccess gives protection against corrosion. 

Full Beam Axles are made to order, to suit each customer's precise requirements; Axles are dispatched direct from the manufacturer. Measurements are the customer’s responsibility and no liability for any ‘Faux Pas’ will be accepted by us. Measure twice!


A 70mm B 115mm C 48mm D 25mm
E 36mm F 660mm G 75mm H -

Product Data Sheets

Trailer and Caravan Wheel Bolt Tightening

When refitting a trailers' road wheels it is ESSENTIAL that the wheel nuts/bolts are tightened to the recommended torque figure and in the correct sequence. To neglect this is too run the risk of either the nuts/bolts working loose and the wheel coming off (not tight enough), or damage to and possible shearing of the nut/bolt (over tightened). 

The sequences necessary to correctly carry out this work are as follows:-

Torque figures : Wheel Bolts

M10 - 40 lb. Ft / 54 NmM12 - 55 lb. Ft / 74 Nm
M12 - 65 lb. Ft / 88 NmM14 - 60 lb. Ft / 81 Nm
M14 -108 lb. Ft /146 Nm 
Ifor WilliamsAvonride
M12 - 65 lb. Ft / 88 Nm } used withM12 - 65 lb. Ft / 88 Nm
Torque figures: Nuts
Peak TrailersIndespension
M12 x 1.5 - 75 lb. Ft / 102 Nm3/8" UNF - 42 lb. Ft / 57 Nm
M16 x 1.5 - 145 lb. Ft / 197 Nm7/16" UNF - 50 lb. Ft / 67 Nm
3/8" UNF - 45 lb. Ft / 61Nm1/2" UNF - 56 lb. Ft / 76 Nm
1/2" UNF - 80 lb. Ft / 109 Nm5/8" UNF - 85 lb. Ft / 115 Nm
1/2" UNF - 65 lb. Ft / 88 Nm5/8" UNF - 79 lb. Ft / 108 Nm

It is ESSENTIAL that the torque settings are re-checked after the first 25 miles or 50 km and subsequently before each journey. 

Trailer and Caravan Wheel Information

There are many different types of wheels fitted to trailers, many of them specifically for trailer use. The practice of using car wheels, rather like that of using car brakes, has largely died out.

Wheels, like tyres, have a maximum weight capacity determined by the manufacturer.

Where a wheel/tyre unit maximum weight capacity is declared, if either of the two parts has a different loading capacity, the declared figure will be the lower of the two. Reference should always be made to the supplier if there is any doubt.

The technical terms around a wheel are frequently misused and "rim" and "wheel" are often misused. The main factors to bear in mind, particularly when ordering replacements are as follows:

Rim Sizes

Rim: The rim serves as the seat for the tyre.

Wheel Disc: The wheel disc connects the rim with the hub.

Wheel: The wheel is the entire assembly, consisting of the rim and disc.

Rim width: The width inside the wheel flanges and is normally expressed in inches e.g. 4.50.

Rim diameter: The diameter of the wheel just inside the rim, where the inner edge of the tyre bead sits and normally expressed in inches e.g. 13"

Offset: The distance between the seating surface of the wheel/hub and the vertical centre line of the wheel/tyre unit. This can be positive offset, as shown above, where the vertical centre line is behind the seating point, when the wheel is fitted to the hub. Negative offset is the opposite and is sometimes known as inset.

Centre disc: There are also centre disc wheels that have neither positive nor negative offset; i.e. The vertical centre line is in exactly the same plane as the seating point.

Centre bore: The hole in the centre of the wheel disc, designed to accommodate the bearing boss and grease or dust cap. Size expressed in millimetres.

Stud or bolt holes: The holes by which either the studs or bolts fasten the wheel to the hub. Normally 4 or 5 in number, the size is determined by the size of the stud or bolt, either metric or imperial. The usual way of expressing the configuration incorporates both these factors, e.g.

4 x M12 = 4 off 12mm studs or bolts.
5 x M14 = 5 off 14mm studs or bolts.
4 x ½" = 4 off ½" studs.

The seating of the stud hole is also important and must correspond with the seating on the stud or wheel bolt. These are either conical (Straight side walls inside the seating) or spherical (curved side walls inside the seating) but there are some continental wheels with flat cylindrical holes.

Pitch circle diameter (P.C.D.): The diameter of the circle around which the studs are arranged. Measurement given in metric or imperial e.g. 100mm, 112mm, 5.5", 4". The measurement of a 4 stud fixing is simply the distance between the centres of two opposite stud holes.

A five stud fixing is calculated by taking the measurement from the centre of a stud hole to the edge of the centre bore x 2 + the diameter of the centre bore.

Studding patterns: The correct way to express a studding pattern, either of a wheel or of a hub is an amalgam of the P.C.D and the Stud/Bolt hiles.
E.g. 4 x M12 on 100mm
4 x 1/2" on 5.5" (or 139.7mm)
5 x M12 on 112mm

Essential information when refitting trailer road wheels: Wheel Bolt Tightening

Trailer and Caravan Tyre Load & Pressure Ratings

A table covering popular trailer sizes is given below.

Tyre sizeMax speed
100 km/h60 mph130 km/h81 mph
Axle Load kgPSI/BarAxle Load kgPSI/Bar
400 x 8 (4ply)54060/4.2--
400 x 8 (6 ply)68075/6.2--
500 x 10 (6 ply)86050/3.5--
5.20 x 1061632/2.2--
145 x1069335/2,463032/2.2
145 x 10 (R/F)78142/2.971039/2.7
140/70 x 12106062/4.3--
155/70 x 12180090/6.2163687/6.0
145 x 1382553/3.775032/2.2
155 x 1393535/2.485032/2.2
155 x 13 (R/F)104542/2.995039/2.7
165 x 131044536/2.595033/2.3
165 x 13 (R/F)116645/3.1106042/2.9
175 x 13116636/2.5106033/2.3
175 x 13 (R/F)127645/3.1116042/2.9
175 x 13 (6ply)140754/3.75134054/3.75
183 x 13 (6ply)150054/3.75146054/3.75
185/70 x 13 (Avon 950)190087/6.0180087/6.0
175 x 14 (6ply)149154/3.75142054/3.75
175 x 14 (8ply)162865/4.5155065/4.5
185 x 14 (6ply)162854/3.75155054/3.75
185 x 14 (8ply)178565/4.5170065/4.5
195 x 14 (6ply)178554/3.75170054/3.75
195 x 14 (8ply)199565/4.590065/4.5
600 x 16 (6ply)153352/3.6--
650 x 16 (6ply)189062/4.3--
750 x 16 (6ply)210051/3.5--

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